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This course has been a tremendous boost for strengthening my foundation studies in Mentalism and further honing thĂ© ‘why’ of my performances. From this, the ‘what’ and ‘how’ has become easier. Serendipitously Pablo’s teaching metaphor, the parts of a tree, align with my own themes of promoting reforestation and the nature narrative. Additionally, by mastering traditional techniques I am discovering ways to innovate and even convert routines using tools with more feminine energies (leaves and flowers, anything found in nature). This is important as I embark on this crazy and cool path as a female mentalist who seeks to integrate feminine and masculine energies towards Oneness.
Murside Turan

I worked with Pablo, in online Zoom meetings , one time following his Mentalism Course, and a second time with the "Synergy Sessions" as a deepener into one routine that i liked a lot but was not comfortable with. 
Together we transformed the whole act into something meaningful, for me at least, and hopefully with the audience. He was in an attitude of support, contribution and pushed me when I needed to . 
Thank you for that
Christian Simon

Do you want an effective, powerful and simple initiation in Mentalism?

The "Mentalism Course" then is your opportunity!
Learn my core theory and approach in Mentalism in four sessions.
One month, one-hour session per week.

We will explore the basic aspects that every Mentalist should understand, using the "Tree Theory", so you will learn in a systematic and powerful way a model to understand a new paradigm to study and enjoy Mentalism.
After each session course you will receive the video of our session and written notes of the ideas from the conversation (and extra digital gifts)

You just need a stable internet connection (we will use Zoom)
and most important, desire to learn a practical approach to apply in your life as Mystery Performer!

My promise is to offer you a personalized experience in which value can be added to your toolkit. It does not matter if you are casual or professional performer, I know that our "Mentalism Course" will be a powerful learning experience for you

(After your order, I will contact you to schedule)

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